A message to parents of the new children from the angels (given by Doreen Virtue, PhD).  They (angels) say, "Listen well, parents of the nineties. You, too, have an exceedingly important mission to fulfill. You must ensure your children stay intuitive and they stay very close to nature. Don't push them to succeed at the expense of losing their soul purpose. For our purpose is our guiding force, and without direction, your children will feel lost, alone, and afraid.

"So much better for parents to focus their children on spiritual studies, as this is their true nourishment that will ensure their growth and survival. We angels are here to help you parent, and we won't interfere or get in the way. Simply allow us to cast a new light on difficult situations, a task we complete with joy in our hearts, simply by your open invitation for us to heal. Do not ever feel that God doesn't hear your prayers, for He sends us to your side the instant that you call."



The New Children                

The information presented here is meant to provide an understanding of the New Children (Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow) phenomenon.  For a list of Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow traits click here.

Humanity continues to evolve.  The latest generations of children have unique qualities that are helping the planet evolve into a space where Peace and Honesty reign, where Harmony between all living creatures is the norm, and where Cooperation is given and expected as we realize (or remember) that we are all connected to each other by Love.

The New Children are coming in groups with specific characteristics which help them fulfill their purpose.  This purpose is to help the planet evolve spiritually by moving from the "old" energy of fear (greed, corruption, competition and stress) into the "new" energy of love (integrity, manifestation, and cooperation).   Many names are emerging for the new lightworker children at this time, but here we will talk about the Indigo Children, the Crystal Children, the Cusp Children (combination of Indigo and Crystal), and the Rainbow Children.

The characteristics of most children being born today are quite unique and different from prior generations.  The main difference between the new generations and the previous ones, is that these new children are becoming more and more connected to the Divine; they remember our spiritual connection.  Even though each child expresses it in unique ways, as a group, they are a more intuitive, more telepathic, more sensitive generation. 

The first of these groups, the Indigo Children, started coming into the planet en masse during the early 1970’s.  Much has been written about them, about their characteristics and how to help them.  (A list of common characteristics can be found at http://www.indigochild.com/ and for books written about them go to the Resources/books page on this website.)  Indigos’ main trait is their Warrior Personality, which is expressed as a strong temper and headstrong nature.  Indigo young adults and children have been called the “System Busters” because they will not comply with systems which they intuitively know are dysfunctional and limiting. 

Indigos have come into the world with a purpose to prove that rigid, archaic systems of education, government, parenting and healthcare do not work and to help usher in new and healthier patterns of human care and relationship.

For example, our schools are currently being challenged by the Indigos, who are creating an "educational" crisis to show us that our educational system needs to change.  Another system that is being challenged by Indigos is the current medical system, who is misdiagnosing thousands of children with ADD/ADHD and medicating them.

Indigos also have an inner “truth” detector, which helps them KNOW when they are being lied to, manipulated or patronized.  They have little tolerance for dishonesty and don’t know how to cope with what they believe are meaningless tasks and discussions.  After all, their purpose is to teach others about the importance of speaking truthfully and living in harmony and integrity. 

In a way, the Indigos have been "clearing the way" to make it easier for the next generations to come.  Doreen Virtue, PhD, author of Care and Feeding of Indigo Children and The Crystal Children, states the approximate “dates of arrival” for the Indigo, Cusps, and Crystal Children, 

“In general, Indigo Children are ages teen through 20’s however, there are exceptions.  There are older Indigos (known as Indigo Scouts) and younger as well.  But the largest number of Indigos came from 1975 through 1995.  Around 1995, we started to see the shift to the new Crystal Children.  Some of the children born around ’95 have characteristics of both Indigos and Crystals.  These have been called ‘Cusp Children’, like astrological cusps for people born on the 21st of the month.”





Indigo Scouts


     1940’s – 1950’s – 1960’s


   65 – 45 years old


Indigos  (1st wave)

            (2nd wave)



       1980’s – late 1990’s


   35 – 25 years old

   25  -  8  years old




      Late 1990’s  -   now


     8  –  0  years old


Most children being born today are Crystals.  The Crystal Children are here to show the way to peace and acceptance, hence they are also called “The Peacemakers.”  Crystals love water, animals, plants, nature, and rocks.  They are generous, highly affectionate and forgiving.  They are also extremely sensitive to everything in their environment… negative emotions in others, food, chemicals, sound, color.  Crystals are highly telepathic, they can read minds and people’s energy.   They tend to communicate with their parents telepathically (sometimes, even before birth).  It is not uncommon for Crystals to wait until they’re 3 – 4 years old to begin speaking, especially if they communicate easily with their parents without using words.  They also show an intuitive understanding of spirituality and energy healing.  (For more info on the Crystal Children visit http://www.thecrystalchildren.com/crystal.html and http://www.lightworker.com/beacons/021502Children.shtml.)

Crystal children are exceptionally kind and sensitive.  They are an example of where humanity is headed with their spiritual awareness and intuitive gifts.

Even though children with Indigo and Crystal traits continue to be born, the groups of children coming to Earth continue to evolve.  The name given to the next generation is Rainbow Children.  Not that many Rainbows have been born yet.  Dr. Doreen Virtue says she has only met 3 in her world travels.  Their energy is the purest so far, they have a high vibration of complete joy and contentment, have a peaceful nature, and their presence gives out a feeling of holiness; like being in the presence of Jesus.  They have no karma, so they are here purely to give rather than for personal growth.  They communicate mostly through telepathy.  You can recognize these babies/children by their energy of giving to parents, rather than needing.  "Parents will realize that they cannot out-give their Rainbow children, for these children are a mirror of all actions and energy of love. Whatever loving thoughts, feelings, and actions that you send to them are magnified and returned a hundred-fold." (Doreen Virtue, PhD)

The reason for determining whether your child is Indigo, Crystal, or a combination of these traits is to help you understand that your child’s characteristics have a spiritually-based origin and may lead you to further research techniques and tools to help your child (and yourself) with the challenges, as well as with, the gifts.                     

It is also important to recognize that we can help our children without the need to label them.  Labels (positive and negative) put our children in boxes and create certain behavioral expectations that are disempowering.  The names given to these children are just a way to help us recognize and categorize the traits observed in the latest generations.  Just learning about these traits, recognizing and understanding them, and applying this insight to your child’s environment is a wonderful gift you can give to your child, as well as to yourself and humanity in general.

Regardless of whether your child is a "new child" or not, she is a special, beautiful being, who is here on this planet to bring blessings to you and others whose life she touches.  Your child chose you to be his or her parent because s/he knew you would be the best one for “the job.” 

Believe in yourself, tap into your own source of wisdom, and KNOW that you are completely qualified to raise your child!


By Dumari Dancoes


Last Revised: (c) May 2006 


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